• 08Nov2019
    Location Oxford

    "Don't ask why - ask how!" In memoriam of Chris Hawes Hon FRMS

  • 21Nov2019
    Location Cambridge

    One Day flowcytometryUK Meeting 2019

  • 06Jan2020
    Location Birmingham

    UK Light Microscopy Facility Meeting 2020

  • 08Jan2020
    Location Newcastle

    Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting 2020

  • 09Jan2020
    Location University of Plymouth

    EM-UK 2020

  • 10Jan2020
    Location University of Leeds

    Coiled coils, myosin, titin and striated muscle: A reflection on the contributions of John Trinick and Gerald Offer

  • 21Apr2020
    Location University of Sheffield

    EBSD 2020

  • 15Jun2020
    Location Rothamsted Research

    Cryo Electron Microscopy Course 2020

  • 24Jun2020
    Location London

    Frontiers in BioImaging 2020

  • 29Jun2020
    Location Leeds

    Electron Microscopy Summer School 2020