Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

The Biological Optical Microscopy Platform at the University of Melbourne provides access and research support to twenty high-end optical microscopes. This includes widefield, confocal, super-resolution, laser microdissection, lightsheet, multi-photon and image analysis applications.


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Superresolution microscopy | Laser microdissection | Live cell imaging | PALM | Light-sheet microscopy (SPIM) | Frequency-domain FLIM | Confocal microscopy | Widefield microscopy | TIRF | Multi-photon microscopy | STORM | FCS/FCCS | Structured Illumination Microscopy


Keywords – Biological: Cell Biology | Developmental Biology | Plant Biology | Microbiology | Neurobiology | Immunobiology | Drosophila

The BOMP platform is open to all researchers and as such has experience dealing with a wide variety of biological samples from model organisms down to virus' and parasites.

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Resin embedding | Serial sectioning | Cryosectioning | Plunge freezing | Freeze substitution | Metal coating | Correlative Light & EM | Immunofluorescence | Vibrating microtome | Enzyme histochemistry | Ultrathin sectioning | Tokuyasu embedding | Immunolabelling | High pressure freezing | Negative stain | Photoconversion | Cryostat sectioning | H&E staining | Live cell

Sample preparation facilities are available via the Melbourne Histology Platform and the Bio21 Electron microscopy Facility

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | Imaris | Huygens | Fiji | Amira | Volocity | Metamorph

We have access to a number of high-end image analysis computer that are equipped with a wide range of image analysis software capable of image deconvolution, 2D analysis and 3/4/5D analysis.

Shared Access

The facility is completely open access. All instruments and charges can be found on our webpage here. 

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