RMS Fellowship

Membership of the Society demonstrates an active interest and involvement in microscopy. You become a part of an international, multidisciplinary group, with a great range of benefits.

Since 2007, members are required to maintain Ordinary Membership for a continuous period of three years before being invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society. Invitations are subject to members meeting one or more of the qualifying criteria listed below. This list is not exhaustive and we may add activities as they are approved by our Executive Committee. If you have any suggestions for activities you feel may be appropriate, please contact the membership team.

Qualifying criteria for Fellow conversion:

  • Put an RMS link on your personal webpage
  • Submit an article for inclusion in infocus
  • Complete a book review for publication in infocus
  • Supply a member profile for infocus
  • Recruit four new members to the Society
  • Present a poster or give a talk at an RMS event
  • Win one of the categories at the RMS Scientific Imaging Competition
  • Be an invited speaker at an RMS event
  • Be involved in the scientific organisation of an RMS event
  • Attend an RMS event (including the mmc series)

In some circumstances, Council may choose to allow an individual to join the Society as a Fellow. In these instances the individual would be a known and respected member of the microscopy and imaging community with a substantial number of years’ experience.