RMS Diploma

A flexible portfolio based qualification designed to complement your current role. The Diploma is intended to be of a similar standard to a Masters degree

We are committed to encouraging our members to improve and develop your skills. We believe qualifications play an important part in this.

The Diploma from the Royal Microscopical Society is attained via a flexible portfolio-based course of study that is designed by the candidate with the assistance of their line-manager, and with input from existing Fellows of the Society. This approach ensures that the study is both challenging and rewarding whilst fitting with, and complementing, the candidate's existing employment. The Diploma is only open to members of the RMS.

It is estimated that it will take around two years to successfully complete a project. During this time the candidate will increase their skills and enhance their understanding of microscopy by developing or optimising protocols or applications. This qualification is suitable for those using microscopy or cytometry as part of their career and as such, is not suitable for PhD students.

Studying for the RMS Diploma

Registering for the RMS Diploma Programme costs £250 for two years, after that there is an annual extension fee of £100.

All candidates have to attend a course as part of their study which will incur an additional cost.

The RMS Diploma Study Guide provides all the information to help you decide whether the qualification is right for you.

Take a look at the projects by some of our previous RMS Diploma students and view the details of the current projects being undertaken.

Technical Training Subsidies

Technical Training Subsidies are available to assist technical staff or RMS diploma candidates to attend RMS courses or Workshops. Unlike our main travel bursaries which are intended for members presenting their research at any conference or meeting, these subsidies are intended for members who require training but have difficulty in obtaining funding. A limited number of places have been allocated on RMS courses at a reduced rate to give RMS Diploma candidates/technical staff more opportunity to develop their skills and careers.

To be eligible for a Technical Training Subsidy you must:

  • Have been a member of the RMS for more than 12 months at the time of applying
  • Be either a current RMS Diploma candidate or in a support/technical post 
Obtaining the RMS Diploma has helped me by qualifying me as a certified Light Microscopist, it gives me a credibility among my peers in the field. I began this line of work via a totally unconventional way (home educated, and never having attended a University), but the RMS Diploma and my experience building OpenSPIM at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden ratcheted my career to a higher level. It has taken me to South Africa to teach African high-school pupils about topics ranging from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, to Hong Kong where I gave a talk on the same stage as Professors from Harvard, and Kings College, and the Pasteur Institute. I am sure that it will take me further to places I have not yet imagined.

I highly recommend enrolling in this great program, and to take advantage of the courses offered by the Royal Microscopical Society.

Peter Pitrone, DipRMS

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