Microscopes for Schools

The RMS Schools Microscope Fund allows you to obtain funding to help you buy microscopes for your school.

Microscopes for Primary Schools

RMS Approved Primary School Microscope

Currently the only RMS Approved Microscope is the SciChem S-05 Stereo Microscope which is included in our Microscope Activity Kits. This easy to clean, lightweight microscope comes with its own battery powered in-built light source and offers a 20x magnification and is easy for children to focus.It also comes with a removable stage.

Download the SciChem flyer to purchase your microscopes at a discount.

Microscopes for Secondary Schools

The RMS 1001 Secondary School Microscope

The RMS has worked hard to create a list of specifications that we feel are necessary for a microscope to be relevant and appropriate for secondary schools. These include a particular range of (total, linear) magnifications (40x – 200x), three imaging techniques; bright field, dark field, polarised light and the option to use mains power or battery power, allowing the microscope to be portable when necessary. Only microscopes that fulfil all of these criteria will be considered as RMS Approved Microscopes. Over the past few years, we have worked closely with Scientific & Chemical Supplies to develop a microscope that fulfils all of these requirements, the 10001 RMS Microscope which is now available to buy from SciChem.

Download the RMS Secondary School Microscope Specifications

To learn more about the history of the development of the approved microscopes for schools, please do read this infocus article.

We are happy to work with manufacturers and suppliers who would be interested in developing an RMS Approved Microscope. Please email Kate Wooding for further details.

Schools Microscope Fund

The Schools Microscope Fund (previously AMFES) was founded to help provide UK primary schools with funding to purchase microscopes for their school.

he fund offers schools £25 per RMS approved microscope (i.e. one of the two listed above), for up to two per school. To obtain your reimbursement, please email Kate Wooding with a copy of your receipt.