Open Access

The Journal of Microscopy offers authors a hybrid open access option. The benefits include:

  • High visibility all articles are immediately, freely available online
  • Easy compliance with open access mandates with Creative Commons licenses
  • Reuse and immediate deposit of final article in any website or repository
  • Copyright retention – You retain the copyright for your article at all times
  • Automatic export to PubMed Central/Europe PubMed Central (PMC) when appropriate
  • High-quality and authoritative publishing standards with rigorous peer-review

The Journal publisher, Wiley, has several agreements in place with institutions and funders to help authors publish open access and ensure compliance with open access policies. Authors from an institution affiliated with an open access deal may publish primary research and review articles open access at no charge to the author.

These include:

  • Jisc institutions in the UK;
  • Projekt DEAL institutions in Germany;
  • Dutch Universities/UMCs (VSNU);
  • Austrian Academic Library Consortium (KEMÖ);
  • Irish institutions in Wiley’s IReL agreement;
  • Swedish Bibsam institutions;
  • FinELib institutions;
  • Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università Italiane (CRUI);
  • Hungarian Electronic Information Service Programme (EISZ) institutions;
  • Norwegian institution participating in the Unit agreement;
  • Conference of Rectors of Universities (CRUE) and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Spain;
  • Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries (CSAL).

Please visit Wiley Author Services for more information and to check if your institution is participating:

Automatic Article Publication Charge waivers and discounts will be given to authors from countries on the Waivers and Discounts List. Authors should submit a waiver or discount request during the submission of their article. 

Please contact Editorial Office Manager Jill Hobbs for further information.