The RMS has many opportunities for members, through it’s awards and grants.

The Royal Microscopical Society run a number of competitions each year and bestow the top names in microscopy with a selection of exclusive awards

As well as engaging with students and those starting out their work in the field, the Royal Microscopical Society also feel it is incredibly important to recognise those who excel in microscopy throughout their careers. The RMS Section Awards have been designed to recognise those who have made outstanding scientific achievements in all areas of microscopy and flow cytometry, with each RMS section able to award their own Award. 

The RMS Scientific Imaging Competition mixes microscopy with art and demonstrates how micrographs can be both technically challenging and a beautiful, unique image.

We also offer our RMS members bursaries to help you attend events where you have been accepted to present your work. These events can be RMS events as well as those not organised by us. 

For those just starting out in microscopy, six Summer Studentships are offered each year to undergraduates wishing to complete a project with a large microscopy component in their summer holidays, meaning invaluable experience can be added to their CV before they've even left university!

In addition to these resources, the RMS offers a Diploma qualification to help you advance to the next stage of your career. 

Our jobs vacancies listings advertise roles from around the microscopy community, your next position might be waiting for you there.