The RMS Winton Prize

This award was created in 2023 in honour of retiring RMS Chief Executive, Allison Winton, who has served the Society continuously since 1984.

Awarded biennially at mmc, this award recognises outstanding sustained contributions to community engagement and collaboration in microscopy and RMS-related activities. 

How to submit a nomination:

  • Nominations may be made by any RMS member, but self-nominations are not permitted. 
  • A nominator should submit a letter (maximum length 1 page) supporting their nomination, and highlighting the specific contribution made, to Debbie Hunt.
  • Nominations will be considered by a committee comprised of the President and other members of the Executive Committee.

2023 Winner:

Allison Winton

Allison Winton

Allison Winton has dedicated an incredible 39 years of service to the RMS as a member of staff, working tirelessly to bring a large number of RMS events to fruition. Allison is familiar to many involved with the RMS as she has been the public face of the Society for many years, working on exhibitions and finally as Chief Executive. 

Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the Society is un-paralleled and will be greatly missed.