The Royal Microscopical Society undertakes many outreach activities as part of it's charitable aims.

The RMS Microscope Activity Kits were launched in 2011 to combat the lack of time currently given to science in the primary curriculum and to promote the use of microscopes in schools. Our Kits are sent out to Primary Schools around the UK each term, complete with microscopes, ready-to-go activities and worksheets for both teachers and pupils. What's more, schools can borrow them completely FREE!! So far, over 25,000 children have used our Kits and this number keeps getting bigger and bigger - something we are immensely proud of!

If you are looking for a primary or secondary school level microscope we have you covered, and the RMS Schools Microscope Fund allows you to obtain funding to help you buy microscopes for your school.

The MAK Resource Library contains lesson plans, activity ideas and FAQs for the microscope activity kit scheme.

Our Resources for School Children contains lots of useful links that we have gathered together from the many online resources for children and young people to utilise whilst they are learning at home.