At the Royal Microscopical Society, we understand how important it is to make new contacts as well as strengthening existing ones to help you move across and up in your field, as well as helping with your latest research.

The Royal Microscopical Society is advised and supported by its committees representing each of the broad Science Sections of microscopy and flow cytometry. Take a look at what your section of interest has to offer in the form of news, events and publications. Alongside our science sections we have a number of Focussed Interest Groups. They are associated with and supported by the RMS, but don’t follow the stricter rules and regulations of the Science Sections.

The Royal Microscopical Society value the input of the industry into our activities and as such offer numerous opportunities to both big and small companies. Our Corporate Advisory Board help us to organise our larger events to ensure we attract great leads and attending companies are able to get the most out of their visit.

Leading the way in networking, the RMS Discussions Groups are available to help you access more of the information, conversations and networking opportunities that interest you the most. You can join any of the many groups - covering the whole spectrum of microscopy - you can create forums and upload documentation for discussion with the microscopy community.

Our Ambassadors raise awareness of RMS activities, support local members and encourage new members. From putting up posters which advertise our meetings and courses to promoting specific activities via emails or other suitable routes, there are many ways they help the RMS.

The Microscopy Gender Equality Resource (In collaboration with Sian Culley at University College London) has been created to showcase and highlight female microscopists around the world and the specific areas of microscopy they specialise in to assist scientific and conference organisers in selecting excellent speakers for microscopy events and maintaining a positive gender balance.

The Facilities Database has been constructed by the RMS in partnership with BioImaging UK to highlight the open access microscopy facilities around the UK to enable you to get onto the equipment you need or to help you find the right person to image your most difficult sample.

The RMS also has a number of networks and affiliates associated with the Society,