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infocus welcomes submissions of:

Articles - Full articles or reviews of general interest to microscopists, of approximately 3000-4000 words (excluding references), with images/figures (as many as possible). Longer articles can also be considered. 

Short Articles - Short topical articles, review articles or articles providing hands-on help for microscopy methods.

Primer Articles - Short general articles that are focussed on specific techniques.

Debuts - Student articles publishing emerging results from a project. Results may still be incomplete, but areas of progress/problems should be highlighted, with the aim of provoking feedback.

Book Reviews – if you are a member of the RMS and are interested in writing book reviews for infocus, please contact the infocus team

You provide the text and images and we take care of the rest - including the design! It’s the ideal way to share your work.

Submitting to infocus Magazine

The following should be submitted:
  • Full text of the article as a word document.
  • Individual separate image files (.jpeg or .tiff) 
  • A (headshot) photograph & short biography of all authors (to appear at the end of article)
Article Text
  • Text should be in a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman or Arial) at a size of 12 pt.  
  • Articles should begin with a brief summary, which accurately summarises the content and is intelligible without reference to the text. 
  • Footnotes and appendices should not be used unless absolutely necessary.
  • The hierarchy of headings within the text should be clear.
  • Spelling should conform with The Concise Oxford Dictionary and SI units must be used.
  • Abbreviations should be used sparingly and only if a lengthy name/expression is repeated throughout the article. When used, the abbreviated name or expression should be cited in full at first usage, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. 
  • References in the text should be in the form Joy (2000) or Joy & Williams (2000). For three or more authors, use the form Echlin et al. (2000). The reference list should:be listed in alphabetical order of first authors’ surnames.
  • (where a journal is cited) - include authors’ surnames and initials, date of publication, title of paper, name of journal, volume number, and first and last page numbers. 
  • (where a book is cited) - include authors’ surnames and initials, title of book, year of publication, edition, followed by publisher and town, county/state (and country if necessary) of publication
  • (where a URL is cited) – include authors’ surnames and initials, year of publication, title of page, URL and date accessed.
  • Images/figures should be supplied as .tiff or .jpg files.
  • All images must be high resolution – ideally minimum size of 3-5mb. 
  • Images MUST include scale bars or field widths where relevant.


Prior to publication, authors will be sent a PDF of the article by email for approval. 
Authors should ensure articles are thoroughly checked before submission – proof amendments should be limited to minor corrections only.


A PDF copy of the article will be sent to the author.


Authors are requested to assign copyright to the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS). However, authors may make copies of their own articles without seeking permission from the RMS, provided that such copies are for free distribution only (they must not be sold) and provided that infocus is properly acknowledged (issue number, month and page number should be given). Permission to reproduce material from infocus Magazine in other publications will not be given to third parties except with the consent of the authors concerned. 

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources. Approval for reproduction/modification of any material (including figures and tables) published elsewhere should be obtained by the authors before submission of the manuscript and the source of the material should be properly acknowledged. Authors are responsible for any copyright fee involved. 

When submitting to infocus please include a signed copy of our copyright sign-off form.

Copyright sign-off form


Submission Deadlines

1 January for March Issue
1 April for June Issue
1 July for September Issue
1 October for December Issue