Ion Beam Microscopy

The Ion Beam Microscopy FIG draws its membership from academic and industrial experts of Focused Ion Beam Microscopy (FIB), Ion Beam microscopy (e.g. High energy beamlines, SIMS) and associated ion-based specimen preparation technologies.


This FIG will initially review the current status of FIB and Ion-beam Microscopy in the UK, and provide leadership in developing Ion Beam Microscopy within the RMS/UK.

The initial membership will reflect the first phase of activity, which includes an EPSRC Roadmap on FIB

It's key aims are:

  1. To act as a focal point for Ion Beam Microscopy Networking in the RMS and UK
  2. To review the ongoing activity in FIB Microscopy in the UK
  3. To work with the EPSRC to produce a FIB Roadmap.

The RMS is committed to being a welcoming, inclusive Society and encourages diversity across all activities and in the membership of our committees and groups.

If you are interested in joining any of the groups in the future, please contact Jade Sturdy. 

Group Members

Xiangli Zhong FRMS, MIMMM

Xiangli Zhong FRMS, MIMMM

Ion Beam Microscopy FIG Chair, University of Manchester

Beverley Inkson

Beverley Inkson

University of Sheffield

Scott Doak

Scott Doak

Loughborough University 

David Cox

Ion Beam Centre, The University of Surrey

Ian MacLaren

Ian MacLaren

University of Glasgow

Gareth Hughes

The University of Oxford

Irma Razo

University of Manchester