Focussed Interest Groups

Focussed Interest Groups are associated with and supported by the RMS, but don’t follow the stricter rules and regulations of the Science Sections. They can be set up for a short period of time for specific activities, or as the first step to becoming a formal section of the Society. 

For further information about these Focussed Interest Groups, or if you would like to set up one, please contact Jade Sturdy.

The Focussed Interest Groups are currently:

Royal Microscopical Society LML5

Quality Control

This focussed interest group will raise awareness of the need for regular quality control within fluorescence microscopy. This group has evolved to become part of a larger global effort to address the problem, the aims of which have expanded to include, in addition to microscope performance metrics, image quality, metadata and publication standards.

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Mass Spectrometry Imaging

There is a growing application of this collection of techniques and they are being inclused in correlative microscopy pipelines, therefore the RMS seemed a logical choice to address this void and bring together expertise in so many different microscopy and imaging modalities.

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X-ray Microscopy

Currently there is no specific section within the RMS dedicated to X-ray Microscopy despite the technique being widely used across many scientific disciplines including those well represented by members of the Society. Given this the Society has set up a Focussed Interest Group (FIG) for X-ray Microscopy.

Royal Microscopical Society EMP4

Ion Beam Microscopy

The Ion Beam Microscopy FIG draws its membership from academic and industrial experts of Focused Ion Beam Microscopy (FIB), Ion Beam microscopy (e.g. High energy beamlines, SIMS) and associated ion-based specimen preparation technologies.

Royal Microscopical Society LML8 (Light Sheet)

Professional Development and Training

The aim of the Professional Development and Training FIG is to explore Training and Courses currently provided by the RMS, as well as possibly developing other opportunities such as Mentoring, Continuing Professional Development etc.