What is a Microscope Activity Kit?

Find out more about the RMS Microscope Activity Kit Scheme, our free science resource for Primary Schools.

The RMS Microscope Activity Kits were launched in April 2011 in response to the declining number of Primary Schools that used microscopes in the classroom. With a focus in the national curriculum on achieving good standards of English and Maths, it is becoming more and more difficult for teachers to find available time to teach science, let alone come up with an exciting lesson plan.

RMS Microscope Activity Kit

To combat this our Outreach committee, headed by Professor Susan Anderson, created our Microscope Activity Kits, providing resources not often found in Primary Schools, to use for free along with a number of pre-prepared activities. The activities come with the relevant equipment, worksheets for the children and notes for the teachers on how to set-up and run them. The microscopes included in the Kits are RMS-approved microscopes, meaning they fulfil the criteria we feel is necessary for a microscope for use in a classroom.

The RMS-approved microscopes are suitable for KS1 and KS2 children. They are robust and easy to use and allow pupils to obtain clear images with minimum setup or assistance. A digital camera is included so that the discoveries can be shared and described with the class via the interactive whiteboard. We have strived to make this a feature of the boxes and have ensured that it is really straightforward to use.

In no time at all, children will be seeing new things, examining the materials provided and using the teachers notes which map the activities to curriculum targets, they can then move on to making their own slides with samples that they can find and choose.

It’s a great way to encourage children to describe what they see. Whether it is the intricate criss-cross detail of a piece of woven cloth, or the snowy landscape of table-salt, they will want to tell you all about it.

The Microscope Activity Kits are delivered and collected by the RMS and are free to borrow for a whole term. The only thing we ask for in return is your feedback so that we can continue to develop the Kits to ensure they remain an excellent Primary Science resource. There are currently 50 Kits that cover England, Wales and Scotland with an extra 6 in Ireland, as part of the Under the Microscope project.


Home Education Microscope Activity Kits 

We do have a couple of smaller Microscope Activity Kits available for primary home school educators. Our Home Education Microscope Activity Kits are available to loan for half terms at a time.

If you are a home educator and would like a Home Education Microscope Activity Kit then please apply by filling in the Home Educators Microscope Activity Kit request form ensuring you select your preferred term. Please note: if your preferred term is available, I will email you which dates are available in that term.


For more information, please contact Jess Cole.

Kit Contents

  • 8 microscopes with light source
  • 1 digital camera
  • 6 curriculum mapped activities
  • Activity Worksheets
  • Teachers' Notes Booklet
  • CD of instruction videos


We are a small village school with limited resources; this was an opportunity to get our pupils to interact with science

Ysgol Gellifor

Best science lesson ever!

Julianna, Year 2

2019 Inner Space Star Burst - LMP.jpg

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