RMS Scientific Imaging Competition

A biennial Scientific Imaging Competition from the Royal Microscopical Society, welcoming both images and videos from all microscopy disciplines

Taking place every two years, this exciting international competition is a great opportunity for microscopists from across the world to showcase their skills. It provides a great outlet for those that can capture the breath-taking and engaging beauty of the microscopical world. The Society is always in awe of the quality of submissions across the categories.

2021 Winners

Short Video

1st Prize

This time-lapse video demonstrates how cryo-scanning electron microscopy works. Ice on a textured polymer surface was allowed to sublime at -80 °C and 10-4 Pa on a cold stage in a cryo-chamber in 73 min to expose the nanoneedle array hidden underneath. 
Video by Mikiko Tsudome1 Katsuyuki Uematsu2 Toshihiro Kanematsu3 Koji Iwasaki3 Shigeru Deguchi1    
1 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Japan  2 Marine Works Japan Ltd., Japan  3 Ricoh Company, Ltd., Japan

2nd Prize

3D imaging via X-ray tomography enables us to look inside samples without destroying them, and be able to track features in 3D. This video displays a 3D rendering of a portion of a stick of rock from Whitby, Yorkshire. For those that aren’t familiar with it, rock is a rod shaped candy that’s traditional at British seaside towns, usually having candied lettering through the centre of wherever you are - in this case, Whitby. It’s given the name rock because its ridiculously hard, and you’re at risk of breaking your teeth! Using this 3D imaging method we can track the lettering in 3D - and I'm sorry to tell you, Whitby rock makers, but your lettering isn't straight! 
Video by Dr Ria L Mitchell, The University of Sheffield

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