26 Mar 2024

Interested in joining a Royal Microscopical Society Committee?

Help the RMS remain at the forefront of advancements and developments in microscopy

The RMS is committed to being a welcoming, inclusive Society and encourages diversity across all activities and in the membership of its committees and groups.

We would like to ensure that the process of joining a committee is as transparent and accessible as possible in line with our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility commitment.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals that are passionate about their field and welcome committee members at any stage of their career who are active in microscopy, cytometry or imaging.

The Society currently has seven Science Sections:

AFM & other Scanning Probe Microscopies
Data Analysis in Imaging
Electron Microscopy
Engineering, Physical & Material Sciences
Flow Cytometry
Life Sciences
Light Microscopy 

In addition to the Science Sections there is also an Outreach and Education Committee and Early Career Committee, both of which have representatives from each of the Science Sections, and a History Committee

Details of the each of the committees’ activities, can be found by following the above links or by emailing Jade Sturdy, Committee Co-ordinator for the RMS.

If you are interested in joining one of our Science Sections or other committees which advise the RMS, please view the ‘Join a Committee’ page for further information and details of how to nominate yourself along with details of the responsibilities of a Scientific Section committee member, terms of office and how new committee members are selected.

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday 30 April 2024.