27 Mar 2024

Science sections collaborate at latest round of meetings

RMS Committees join forces in Sheffield

The latest round of RMS Committee meetings had a very different feel, with six of our Science Sections convening at Halifax Hall Hotel, in Sheffield, to discuss their latest activities in support of microscopy.

Unlike previous meetings, the committees met in pairs, allowing members to take part in joint discussion and share ideas with a wider, more diverse group.

Becky and Pete.jpg
Rebecca Thompson, Deputy Chair of the Electron Microscopy Section, with RMS President Peter O'Toole.

The Early Career Committee teamed up with the Data Analysis in Imaging (DAIM) Committee on Monday 11 March, and this was followed by the Life Sciences Committee and Flow Cytometry Section the following day. The Society’s Electron Microscopy and Engineering, Physical and Material Sciences Committees rounded proceedings off on the Wednesday.

The meetings featured a mixture of presentations, break-out groups and discussions, with updates on upcoming events, training initiatives and outreach activities. The format enabled plenty of open discussion – as well as allowing some ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas and information between groups.

RMS Chief Executive Sali Davis said: “It was really nice to be able to do things a bit differently this time around, and for the committees to link up with each other and take part in joint discussion. We certainly came away with plenty to follow-up, in terms of supporting future meetings, training initiatives, and opportunities for engaging with industry – plus so much more.”

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