7 May 2024

Sponsored Content: TauSTED Xtend: Gentle Super-Resolution Microscopy

TauSTED Xtend allows nanoscopy to be conducted at low light doses, increases image quality and enables higher resolution at all depletion powers.

Using STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) microscopy, researchers are able to visualise intracellular structures at the nanoscale, unveiling insights into the structural-functional relationships of biological processes such as cell signalling, gene expression, and protein synthesis.

The access to nanoscopic details in the cellular milieu still holds potential for discoveries. In live cell imaging, the light dose levels applied to achieve the required temporal and nanoscopic scale are often incompatible with what is needed to preserve the viability of the specimen. The new generation of lifetime-based STED super-resolution that was introduced with TauSTED pushed beyond the limits of intensity-based and gated STED, allowing for superior resolution and image quality at lower light doses.

Now, Leica Microsystems is pleased to introduce TauSTED Xtend, a new approach to STED microscopy that builds upon the TauSTED concept. TauSTED Xtend further elevates the capabilities to not only conduct long timelapse experiments on delicate specimens and cover larger volumes without losing resolution, but also push the boundaries of what can be achieved in super-resolution microscopy at even lower light doses. TauSTED Xtend leverages the physical readout of the lifetime-coded information to extract the effective TauSTED PSF and combines TauSTED together with an accelerated implementation of a Richardson-Lucy algorithm for an on-the-fly visualisation and high-fidelity results.

TauSTED Xtend offers new possibilities to:

  • allow even more gentle live cell imaging
  • increase resolution and image quality
  • expand multicolour STED imaging

See it for yourself at elmi2024!

We are looking forward to demonstrating this exciting new approach in our STED workshops at elmi2024, so join us in Workshop Room 11C to find out more.

Workshop Name: TauSTED Xtend – New tools for gentle live imaging at remarkable nanoscale
Dates & Times: Wednesday June 5 @14:30 | Thursday June 6 @ 17:10

Further information about TauSTED Xtend can be found in our new application note, “Gentle, Multicolor Live Imaging at the Nanoscale with TauSTED Xtend”.