21 May 2024

Light Microscopy Core Facility Management special issue

The Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the Light Microscopy Core Facility Management special issue, which was published as the June 2024 volume.

This special edition has been guest edited by Dr. Sebastian Munck (KU Leuven, Neuroscience Department, Leuven, Belgium & VIB BioImaging Core, Leuven, Belgium) and Dr. Kurt I. Anderson (The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK).

The featured cover image of this special issue of the Journal of Microscopy is an artist's depiction of the topic of this issue, namely Light Microscopy Core Facility Management.

The image depicts a Möbius strip, a one-sided object and a symbol of infinity, with the words "science" and "service" engraved. The iconic vertex of the half-twist separates the two engraved words. Encapsulated in a single object, this conceptualization symbolizes the dual nature of core facilities—advancing science and providing service.

Additionally, the Möbius strip appears to be made from a translucent material such as glass. With a beam of light passing through the ribbon, this object is also reminiscent of an objective lens, which is at the heart of light microscopy.

The ribbon and the beam are set in front of a canvas, which represents a digital image with different fluorescent entities in blue and red showing up in the background.

The cover was created by Christof De Bo from VIB Technologies.

The papers in this issue include:
Setting up a light microscopy core facility: Facility design
Timo Zimmermann

Strategies for Selecting and Managing Equipment in a Light Microscopy Facility
Kurt Anderson

Staying on track – Keeping things running in a high-end scientific imaging core facility
Oliver Renaud et al

Improving light microscopy training routines with evidence-based education
Gabriela Imreh, Jianjiang Hu, Sylvie Le Guyader

Tales from the crick: The art of demo
Matthew J. Renshaw, Camille Charoy

Innovating in a bioimaging core through instrument development
Sebastian Munck, Christof De Bo, Christopher Cawthorne, Julien Colombelli

Challenges and opportunities for bioimage analysis core-facilities
Johannes Richard Soltwedel, Robert Haase

A practical guide to bioimaging research data management in core facilities
Christian Schmidt et al

A perspective into full cost recovery within a core facility/shared resource lab
Peter J. O'Toole, Joanne L. Marrison

‘Branded’ microscopy core facilities – Mutually beneficial partnerships between academia and industry
Joshua Z. Rappoport

The challenges and opportunities of open-access microscopy facilities
Heather N. Cartwright, Chad M. Hobson, Teng-Leong Chew, Michael A. Reiche, Jesse S. Aaron

Recognising the importance and impact of Imaging Scientists: Global guidelines for establishing career paths within core facilities
Graham D. Wright et al

Future proofing core facilities with a seven-pillar model
Erin M. Tranfield, Saskia Lippens

Building momentum through Networks: Bioimaging across the Americas
Mariana De Niz et al

More than just ‘added value’: The perils of not establishing shared core facilities in resource-constrained communities
Mai A. Rahmoon, Chad M. Hobson, Jesse S. Aaron, Harikrushnan Balasubramanian, Teng-Leong Chew

This issue is available to view here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/13652818/2024/294/3