RMS Annual Report

Each year, the Society publish its Annual Report and Accounts which provide an overview of the performance of each of the Society's activities for the year as well as the accounts relating to that year.

Download the Royal Microscopical Society's 2015 Annual Report


"The biggest event of the 2015 RMS calendar was mmc2015..which this year fully incorporated EMAG...the meeting attracted 703 conference delegates, 662 exhibition visitors and 439 scientific abstracts."

"An important structural change to the Society was the formation of a new science section covering engineering and physical science applications of microscopy"

"Microscopy is a wonderfully visual way of bringing science to life, and the numbers of students who have now been reached through [the Microscope Activity Kit] scheme is now almost 40,000 and we have started working with partners to expand our reach further still via teaching trust networks."

"We have been particularly pleased to note that almost half of the applications for membership during 2015 were from students."

"Towards the end of 2015 we launched our exciting new website which has a fresh new look, with new layouts and navigation."

"2015 also saw the launch of the new Facilities Database hosted online by the RMS in collaboration with the BioImagingUK consortium."

"The breadth of these events and number of international delegates and events highlights the importance of microscopy across many fields and once again demonstrates that the RMS is in place to assist its membership across the world."

"179 new members joined in 2015, a 65% increase on the 109 new members in 2014."

"The number of submissions to the Journal of Microscopy represents a 29% over the previous year...The Journal impact factor also rose to 2.331."

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