Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF)

The ABIF has been in operation since 2005 at the McGill University Life Sciences Complex providing guidance to researchers with their projects from sample preparation to data analysis. Comprehensive consultations, sample preparation advice, ongoing support, image processing, image analysis and preparation of data for publication all contribute to using researcher’s time effectively, generating high quality quantitative data and elevating research projects to the next level.



Imaging Platforms 

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Superresolution microscopy | Laser microdissection | Live cell imaging | TCSPC-FLIM | Light-sheet microscopy (SPIM) | Confocal microscopy | Widefield microscopy | TIRF,Multi-photon microscopy | FCS/FCCS | Structured Illumination Microscopy 
Keywords - Medical: in vivo fluorescence imaging

The ABIF offers more than twenty state-of-the-art light microscopy and image analysis platforms.


Keywords - Biological: Cell Biology | Developmental Biology | Plant Biology | C.elegans | Microbiology | Histology/Pathology | Neurobiology | Immunobiology | Zebrafish | Drosophila | Bio-materials 
Keywords - Physical: Bioengineering & Biomaterials 

The facility has expertise and equipment for wide field microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), deconvolution (AutoQuant), total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, spectral imaging, automated light microscopy screening (i.e. high content screening (HCS)), live cell imaging, immunofluorescence, correlation microscopy, cell tracking, cell migration, 2D and 3D image processing and analysis (MetaMorph, Imaris).

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Immunofluorescence | Live cell
Keywords - Material: Tissue clearing

The ABIF can provide advice on biological sample preparation with expertise in immunofluorescence or live imaging. Many of our platforms are equipped with temperature and CO2 control for live cell imaging. 

Data Analysis 

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | Imaris | Fiji | Matlab | AutoQuant |Metamorph
Keywords - Hardware: Zen | Image-Pro Premier | OriginPro | SIMFCS

Our experts in Image Analysis can provide one-on-one training tailored to specific needs of the user covering multiple aspects of image analysis. Also, our free consultation will help users design experiments with proper tools required for subsequent image analysis.

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Point of Contact

Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF)
3649 Promenade Sir William Osler
Bellini Building
Room 137 McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, H3G 0B1 , Canada

Point of Contact

Director: Dr Claire Brown 

Administrative Assistant: Natalie Woo


Staff List 

Dr Anne-Marie Ladouceur, microscopy specialist
Dr Nelly Vuillemin, Image analyst
Dr Michiel Krols, Microscopy specialist
Samuel Brown, Facility staff