Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers high quality service and state-of-the-art instrumentation to members of Babraham Institute and external users

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Keywords - Platforms: Analytical Flow Cytometry | Cell sorting | Imaging Flow Cytometry 

The core facility houses state of the art cytometry equipment including, 3 x BD LSRFortessa, 1 x BD LSRII, 1 x Propel Labs YETI analysers. The core also runs a cell sorting service using 2 x BD FACSAriaFusion sorter, 1 x BD FACSAria and 1 x BD Influx. The core also has a Merck Millipore Amnis Imagestream MkII Image Cytometer.
Babraham Institute also holds regular flow cytometry training courses for scientists using flow in Industry and Academia. 


Keywords - Applications: Phenotyping | Cell cycle | Mammalian cells | Fluorescent proteins | Functional studies | Screening (high throughput) 

The facility has expertise in analytical flow cytometry, image cytometry and cell sorting. 

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: FlowJo | IDEAS 

We offer assistance to our users with data analysis, use of post-acquisition software and data interpretation. 

Shared Access

The Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Flow Cytometry Core is available for external users to use the analysers, image cytometer and the cell sorting service. 


The Babraham Institute Core Facilities are funded by the BBSRC.

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Point of Contact

Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Babraham Institute
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge, CB22 3AT , United Kingdom

Rachael Walker,  01223496559

Staff List

Rebecca Roberts
Attila Bebes
Arthur Davis