Bioimaging Facility, University of Manchester

The Bioimaging Facility offers access to light microscope systems to users from across the University of Manchester and further afield. We provide help and advice form experiment design and image acquisition through to data analysis and presentation. The Bioimaging Facility has three full time members of staff that are responsible for user training, continued advice and maintenance of the systems. Outside users receive the same level of access and support as our internal users.



Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Confocal microscopy | Superresolution microscopy | Widefield microscopy | Laser microdissection | TIRF | Live cell imaging | Multi-photon microscopy | Gated-STED | Atomic Force Microscopy | Frequency-domain FLIM

We have a range of systems from the very simple manual snapshot systems through to multiphoton confocals. The range of microscopes has been chosen so that almost any project will have one or more systems capable of meeting the imaging requirements. Most of our systems are capable of live cell imaging and have both temperature and CO2 capabilities.

3 x Olympus BX51
2 x Zeiss Axioplan
Leica M205FA stereo microscope

High End:
3 x Delta Vision (2 RT, 1 Core)
2 x Nikon live cell systems
2 x Leica LED based long term live cell system.
Incucyte multiplate imaging

Live cell confocal:
2 x CSU-X confocals (FRAP and PA capability)

Point confocals:
Leica SP5 upright with dipping lenses
Leica SP5 inverted tandem head
Leica SP8 upright in vivo multiphoton system
Leica SP8 gSTED 3X

3D Histech Panoramic 250

MMI laser microdissection


Keywords - Biological: Cell Biology | Developmental Biology | Zebrafish | Drosophila | Histology/pathology

We can image almost anything (and often need to) from rocks, soil, cells through to whole animals.
The range of systems means we should have a solution for any imaging requirement.

Sample Preparation

Sample prep is not done in the Bioimging Facility users often prepare samples in their own lab or through the Histology Core Facility.

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | FIJI | Imaris | Matlab | Huygens | AutoQuant | ImagePro | Metamorph | AxioVision

We have a range of data analysis tools. The entry point is always ImageJ/Fiji and we will offer training on these packages so the users can work at their own computer.
However, we also have a suite of offline workstations that users can access free of charge and these have the more advanced analysis packages. Training and support is offered to users that have acquired their data through the Bioimaging Facility.

Shared Access

Outside users are welcome to request access to the Bioimaging Facility. All usage is charged by an hourly rate depending on the system type. 


The Bioimaging Facility is funded with grants from the University of Manchester, Wellcome, BBSRC and MRC.

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Point of Contact

Bioimaging Facility, University of Manchester
Faculty of Life Sciences
Michael Smith Building, University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PT, United Kingdom

Peter March, 07747 118 447

Staff List

Peter March
Steven Marsden
Roger Meadows

Egor Zindy (Wellcome Centre data analysis SEO)