Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

The Biological Optical Microscopy Platform at the University of Melbourne provides access and research support to twenty high-end optical microscopes. This includes widefield, confocal, super-resolution, laser microdissection, lightsheet, multi-photon and image analysis applications.

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Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Superresolution microscopy | Laser microdissection | Live cell imaging | PALM | Light-sheet microscopy (SPIM) | Frequency-domain FLIM | Confocal microscopy | Widefield microscopy | TIRF | Multi-photon microscopy | STORM | FCS/FCCS | Structured Illumination Microscopy


Keywords – Biological: Cell Biology | Developmental Biology | Plant Biology | Microbiology | Neurobiology | Immunobiology | Drosophila

The BOMP platform is open to all researchers and as such has experience dealing with a wide variety of biological samples from model organisms down to virus' and parasites.

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Resin embedding | Serial sectioning | Cryosectioning | Plunge freezing | Freeze substitution | Metal coating | Correlative Light & EM | Immunofluorescence | Vibrating microtome | Enzyme histochemistry | Ultrathin sectioning | Tokuyasu embedding | Immunolabelling | High pressure freezing | Negative stain | Photoconversion | Cryostat sectioning | H&E staining | Live cell

Sample preparation facilities are available via the Melbourne Histology Platform and the Bio21 Electron microscopy Facility

Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ | Imaris | Huygens | Fiji | Amira | Volocity | Metamorph

We have access to a number of high-end image analysis computer that are equipped with a wide range of image analysis software capable of image deconvolution, 2D analysis and 3/4/5D analysis.

Shared Access

The facility is completely open access. All instruments and charges can be found on our webpage here. 

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Point of Contact

Biological Optical Microscopy Platform
Bio21 Institute, 30 Flemington Road
Melbourne, Australia

Dr Paul McMillan, 0390353021


Dr Paul McMillan
Dr Ellie Cho
Dr Gabriela Segal
Dr Hamin Soleimaninejad
Dr Sam Mills


Visit the facility website here