Biomedicum Imaging Unit

Biomedicum Imaging Unit (BIU) is a core facility that provides services for your biomedical optical imaging needs ranging from designing the experiment to the analysis of the results. BIU is part of the Helsinki BioImaging (HBI) and Helsinki in vivo animal imaging (HAIP) platforms of the Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE). Our services are available for all local, national, and international customers – both from academia and companies.



Imaging Platforms 

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Superresolution microscopy, Live cell imaging, Light-sheet microscopy (SPIM), Confocal microscopy, Widefield microscopy, TIRF, Multi-photon microscopy, STORM, Structured Illumination Microscopy, Raman imaging
Other: High content microscopy, Preclinical fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging
Keywords - X Ray Microscopy: MicroCT
Keywords - Medical Imaging: in vivo fluorescence imaging



Keywords - Biological: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Plant Biology, C.elegans, Microbiology, Histology/Pathology, Neurobiology, Immunobiology, Zebrafish


Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Live cell


Data Analysis

Keywords - Software: ImageJ, Imaris, Huygens, AxioVision, Fiji
Other: Imaging Aura, IVIS Living Image, Qupath, CaseViewe

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Point of Contact

Biomedicum Imaging Unit
Biomedicum Helsinki
P.O. Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
University of Helsinki
Helsinki, FI-00014, Finland

Point of Contact 

BIU Support, +358 (0) 2941 911

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