Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

Providing flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting to the CRUK Cambridge Institute, along with mass cytometry for the Cambridge area



Keywords: Analytical Flow Cytometry | Cell sorting | Imaging Flow Cytometry | Mass Cytometry 

Aria and Influx sorters at CL1 and CL2, Multilaser analysers and Imagestream imaging cytometer
Helios and Hyperion mass cytometry 


Keywords: Phenotyping | Cell cycle | Mammalian cells | Fluorescent proteins | Functional studies 

Cancer biology, stem cell and immune environment 


Keywords: FlowJo | Kaluza | ModFit | IDEAS | Spade 

Assistance and training on flow analysis software, including high dimensional clustering type analysis 


Cancer Research UK funded institute 

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Point of Contact

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute
CRUK, Cambridge Institute
Li Ka Shing Centre
Robinson Way
Cambridge, CB2 0RE , United Kingdom

Richard Grenfell, 01223 769688