RMS Corporate Advisory Board

The Society works closely with its corporate members to ensure that its exhibitions meet the needs of companies and delegates and provide the best opportunities for interaction and networking. The Corporate Advisory Board comprises representatives from a range - both in size and interest - of companies, meeting three times a year. The Chair of the Committee is invited to attend meetings of Council and provides invaluable input which is used to shape the Society's approach to its events and associated exhibitions.

Dr Francis Morrissey

Corporate Advisory Board Chair

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Francis has worked for Philips, FEI and now Thermo Fisher Scientific for 19 years in Applications, Product Management, Marketing and Sales.

FEI was purchased in September 2016 by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Former FEI manufacture Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes (SEM & TEMs), Focused Ion Beam Systems and when these are integrated with an SEM, DualBeam systems. They also have our own x-ray MicroCT system. Different models and configurations of all of these systems are made for three main markets, Semiconductor (& Data Storage),  Materials Science and Life Science. They also have a software division which besides supporting their high level software platforms,  produces the well-known Amira and Avizo 3D visualisation packages.

The wider Thermo Fisher Scientific company manufacture a very wide range equipment: XPS, EDS, Mass Spectrometers, Chromatography and DNA sequencing systems, and an extensive range of lab and consumable equipment.

Dr Chris Mulcahy

Corporate Advisory Board Vice-Chair

Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company
Chris is the UK Sales Manager for Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company. Asylum Research designs and manufactures high-value, research-grade Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM). Chris received his BSc (1994) and PhD (1998) from Imperial College London with his thesis focussing on the growth and characterisation of III-V semiconductor materials using ultra-high vacuum analytical techniques under the supervision of Professor Tim Jones.

Ms Natalia Alexander

Nikon UK Ltd
Natalia is Product Manager at Nikon UK Ltd for Light Microscopy. Natalia joined Nikon in 2012 after gaining a degree in Mathematics from University of Sussex, and has since worked in a variety of roles across Nikon to gain a thorough understanding of all Nikon microscopy products, as well as supporting customers and colleagues.

Dr Kavita Aswani

Excelitas Technologies
Kavita is the Senior Applications Scientist for Life Science at Excelitas Technologies, the first Canadian member of Royal Microscopical Society (RMS). Kavita completed her PhD at the University of Iowa in the United States characterizing surfactant proteins, and subsequently worked as a post-doctorate at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge, United Kingdom (UK) studying clathrin adaptor proteins. Dr. Aswani’s corporate career began with Bio-Rad Confocal Division in the UK in 2001, and has since been involved in the world of fluorescence microscopy and flow Cytometry. Along with having publications in peer-reviewed journals, she also serves on the review committee of SPIE.

Dr Benjamin Atkinson

3i-Intelligent Imaging Innovations

Dr Ruediger Bader

Photon Lines
Photon Lines supplies a range of scientific cameras (including CCD cameras, CMOS and sCMOS), lasers and laser components. We also supply advanced scientific imaging solutions primarily into the area of biophotonics, such as fluorescence microscopy equipment including confocal, light sheet, adaptive optics and super resolution technology and imaging quality control solutions. Ruedi has an academic background in Neurosciences and used a variety of imaging driven techniques for his research. He has more than 5 years of experience in the imaging industry and is now working for Photon Lines to perform the role of Sales Manager, focusing on life sciences applications.

Mr Paul BalaƟ

Agar Scientific
Graduated in electronics, he worked first as service engineer for laboratory equipment. Since 1997 he worked for over 17 years with the Philips organization (later PANalytical and FEI) in Romania as Sales Manager for X-ray, electron microscopy and connected business. In 2014 he joined the Agar team supporting their customers and distributors and helping to keep the highest standards of quality for the supply of products and services which has been the Agar Scientific standards for more than 40 years of existence.

Dr Boumedienne Boudjelida

Boume is the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia Sales Manager for Bruker Nano Surfaces, dealing with Atomic Force Microscopy, Stylus and Optical Metrology and Tribology and Mechanical Testing businesses. Boume completed his PhD at Sheffield Hallam University working on metal/GaN interfaces characterisation using XPS and AFM/STM for LED/High power applications (2006). He subsequently joined The Microelectronics and Nanostructures Group at the University of Manchester (School of EEE) as a post-doctorate working on InGaAs/InAlAs HEMT and LNA structures for super-low noise amplifier applications, as part of the Square Kilometre Array Telescope project (SKA). He then joined Veeco Metrology initially developing the AFM probes business in EMEA in 2009, and took over the Sales for Scandinavia, then UK before managing the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia business for Bruker Nano. Veeco Metrology was acquired by Bruker in 2010.

Dr Oliver Clarke

Carl Zeiss Ltd
Dr Oliver Clarke is the Head of Microscopy for Carl Zeiss Limited in the United Kingdom.  He has worked for Carl Zeiss Limited since 2005 and has held a several different roles in the company including Product Specialist, Business Development Manager, and Account Manager.  Oliver holds a PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry from the University of Essex.  During his PhD, Oliver worked with Dr Peter O’Toole who collaborated on the development of a new kind of fluorescent dye and possible drug for PDT in cancer.  In recent years Oliver has developed a passion for STEM outreach and public engagement science which he sees as vital to the evolution of our relationship to technology.  ZEISS has an influence in almost every market of Science across both Academia and Industry.  170 years of history and leadership in Microscopy means that the position already held by Oliver at ZEISS, carries significant responsibility for the future direction of microscopy while respecting and protecting its past.

Mr Steve Cham

Steve is business development manager in the electron microscopy division at Labtech. After studying for a BSc in Biological Sciences he started his career in light and electron microscopy at Rothamsted Research Centre. He then worked as product manager for EM and cryo preparation products for Cambridge Instruments, later to become Leica Microsystems. Steve then took the role of sales manager for northern Europe responsible for EM preparation and Histology sales. Following a period at Agar Scientific and EM Resolutions he joined Labtech to setup their EM division supplying a range of consumables, accessories and instrumentation for Electron Microscopy

Mr Ray Codd

Ray has been in the Electron Microscope business for over 40 years as a technician, user, Service Engineer, Service Manager and now Managing Director of the TESCAN subsidiary, TESCAN-UK Ltd. Ray maintains a solid commitment to quality, in products and customer service, building TESCAN’s reputation for delivering quality solutions. For relaxation, and when not helping customers to gain the most from their Electron Microscopes, Ray enjoys family life (5 children), walking on the Cumbrian Fells and playing golf.



Dr Michael Dixon

Hitachi High Technologies
Mike is EM Section Manager at Hitachi High-Technologies. After studying Physics at university he started his career in microscopy at Philips Research before joining Hitachi in 1997.  Mike has worked in sales, service and applications development roles in the US and Europe, covering Hitachi's preparation systems, benchtop SEM, field emission SEM, automated SEM and TEM/STEM. He is currently responsible for Hitachi's EM sales activity in the UK, but continues to work in applications development and training. He is a member of the RMS Engineering & Physical Sciences Committee and the Institute of Physics EMAG committee.


Mr Gary Edwards

Gary started working with Electron microscopy during the mid-1980’s in Cambridge, joining Stan Davidson at Deben Research in 1987. In 1996 Gary started Deben UK, expanding the Deben product range to include in-situ testing, TEM cameras and SEM detectors. In 2011 Gary merged Deben with Judges Scientific plc becoming a sister company to Quorum Technologies. Gary is a hands on Managing Director being as much at home operating an SEM, designing a new product or chairing a board meeting.

Ms Jo Fallowfield

Leica Microsystems

Mr Dennis Fitzpatrick

Quorum Technologies

Mr David Gibson

Photon Lines Ltd
Photon Lines’ Life Sciences partners are leaders in the field, and include Abberior Instruments, the inventors of the STED super resolution technique, Aurox, whose laser free confocal add-ons offer similar performance to laser scanning systems but at much lower cost. Omicron and PCO respectively, provide microscope manufacturers and end users with the highest quality laser combiners and sCMOS cameras available, and our specialists are on call should UK and Irish customers require their support.

Mr John Gilbert

Bruker UK
John started his involvement in the industry in 1986 when he joined JEOL. After ending his time at JEOL as sales Director he took on a role with Camscan as Sales Director before joining Bruker where he currently holds the role of Regional Sales Manager for Europe Middle East and India for microanalysis for SEM and TEM. John has been a member of the corporate advisory board since his time with Camscan.

Ms Amy Lander

Jeol UK Ltd.
Amy Lander started working at JEOL (UK) Ltd in 2002. JEOL supply instrumentation for both academia and industry with a unique portfolio encompassing Electron Microscopes, Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Amy’s original position saw her supporting the sales team by implementing new structures for tendering and digital asset management In 2009, she moved in to a new position as marketing manager for JEOL UK. Since that time, she has taken on a wider role, managing events across Europe, as well as developing the JEOL Europe social media programme.

Ms Melanie Le Sage

Oxford Instruments

Mr Stephen Lewandowski

Bruker UK Ltd

Ms Caroline Mack

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Caroline has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2004, working in a variety of European Regional Marketing roles for their Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Analysis Divisions.  Following Thermo Fisher’s acquisition of FEI in 2016, Caroline moved into the Materials and Structural Analysis Division as an Event Manager for EMEA, supporting the electron microscopy product lines with both face-to-face and digital events.

John McElwee

ISS Group Services Ltd

John was introduced to the EM world whilst working for AEI Scientific Instruments before joining ISS Group Services Ltd in 1980 where he was appointed Technical Director. After the sad passing of David Cunningham in July 2019, John became Managing Director.

John is still hands-on and gets actively involved with the technical issues associated with Electron Microscopes.

ISS Group Services Ltd provide services to the industry for the routine maintenance and repair of both Transmission Electron Microscopes and Scanning Electron Microscopes. ISS Group Services Ltd are also assist clients with relocations and offer sales of pre-owned microscopes and associated accessories.

Mr Eddie McGuigan

Leica Microsystems UK

Mr Gavin Mills


Mr Paul Roberts


Dr Paul Spellward

Paul Spellward started in electron microscopy as a PhD student at the University of Bristol in 1986. Initially working in TEM, diffraction and materials science research (PhD and Post-docs), he later moved to industrial microscopy of all sorts in the nuclear power generation industry. He joined Nuclear Electric (later Magnox Electric and BNFL) at its Berkeley Technology Centre in 1994 and from 1998-2001 was the manager of the Electron Optics facility, including SEMs, TEMs and surface analysis equipment, some of which operated with highly radioactive samples. He was responsible for developing external business, with customers worldwide sending samples for examination at Berkeley. Paul joined Gatan UK in 2001, initially in technical sales and from 2004 to 2011 he was the sales and service manager for the UK, Scandinavia, Iberia, Israel and South Africa. He has organised Gatan’s participation in Microscience (now MMC) and EMAG throughout his time in Gatan and was invited to join the RMS TAC (now CAB) in 2008. From 2011-3, Paul was Vice President, Global Marketing for Gatan Inc.  Since 2014, Paul has the post of Director of Sales for the UK Region. Paul was chair of the CAB from 2014-19 covering mmc2015, mmc2017 and mmc2019.

Mr Duncan Stacey

Linkam Scientific
Duncan is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Linkam Scientific. After obtaining his BSc in Photographic Science at the Polytechnic of Central London (1990), he went on to gain his PhD from Liverpool University (1993) with a thesis covering the development of a broadband confocal microscope for spectroscopy. Duncan has worked in Sales, Marketing and Product Development positions for different companies including Hamamatsu, Andor and Leica always focussing on Microscopy and Imaging.
Following working with the Leica R&D software development team in Cambridge, Duncan joined Linkam Scientific where he is now running the Sales and Marketing worldwide. Growing existing and developing new markets for their range of thermal microscopy and Cryo-CLEM systems. 


Mr Paul Wood


Mr Mike Wombwell

Labtech International Ltd
Mike learned electron microscopy and light microscopy at the University of Cambridge in what is now the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre. Over the past 30 years he has held technical sales, sales management and marketing roles at Polaron/Bio-rad, Thermo VG, Pyser-SGI and Quorum Technologies. In 2016 Mike joined Labtech International as marketing manager.


Mr Heath Young

Bruker UK Ltd

Heath has been involved in electron microscopy sales for over ten years. He joined Bruker UK in 2016 where he took responsibility for the UK & Ireland territories. In 2018 Israel was added to his territory coverage. In 2021 he also took responsibility for the Middle East territory.



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