RMS Microscope Activity Kits and our partner organisations

The RMS is always looking to extend the reach and impact of the Microscope Activity Kits in primary school science and is using a collaborative approach with partner organisations.




The RMS Microscope Activity Kit scheme is currently delivered in partnership with a number of organisations based in the UK and beyond, all with the shared aim of bringing the wonder of science and microscopy to primary school-aged children.

Through this collaborative approach we are able to maximise the geographical reach of the scheme, including access to the kits themselves, the training of teachers to deliver lessons in the classroom, and enabling schools to access our resources at public outreach events.

We are hugely grateful for the support of the following partner organisations:

•    Scottish Microscopy Society

•    Microscopy Society of Ireland

•    Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT)

•    University of Nottingham Malaysia

To request the loan of a Microscope Activity Kit, please visit our Microscope Activity Kit page