18 Jan 2024

Is your AFM/SPM facility on the RMS database?

The RMS Facilities Database is an online resource containing details of more than 100 microscopy and flow cytometry facilities across the UK and worldwide

It has been developed in partnership with the Euro-BioImaging consortium and the University of York, with the aim of making the database the 'go to' resource to access imaging facilities worldwide.

The database covers facilities specialising in all forms of microscopy and flow cytometry, right across the sciences. It lists the key information for each facility, including the techniques and equipment available, plus contact details for key members of staff. Each facility is also pinpointed geographically on our interactive map.

We'd love to add more AFM & SPM facilities to the database, so please submit your facility’s details to the database by filling out a simple online form – and update your information easily as and when required.

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