22 Jun 2023

Special Issue of Journal of Microscopy: “Women in Microscopy: Part 1”

Celebrating the contributions of women at the forefront of microscopy

A special issue of the Journal of Microscopy featuring papers by women driving the development of microscopy has now been published online.

This much-anticipated issue has been edited by Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds, Ulla Neumann, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, and Sian Culley, King’s College London.

It is the first of two special issues on 'women in microscopy' to be published in celebration of the  contributions of the many women at the forefront of developments in all forms of microscopy, right across the world.

The issue (July 2023) features the following papers:

A bird's eye view on microscopy
Rita Strack

The election of women as Fellows of the Royal Microscopical Club
Pam Hamer

Multi-foci parallelised RESOLFT nanoscopy in an extended field-of-view
Xavier Casas Moreno,  Francesca Pennacchietti,  Guillaume Minet,  Martina Damenti,  Dirk Ollech, Federico Barabas,  Ilaria Testa

A method for reproducible high-resolution imaging of 3D cancer cell spheroids
Thomas A. Phillips,  Valeria Caprettini,  Nandini Aggarwal,  Stefania Marcotti,  Rob Tetley,  Yanlan Mao,  Tanya Shaw,  Ciro Chiappini,  Maddy Parsons,  Susan Cox

Non-fitting FLIM-FRET facilitates analysis of protein interactions in live zebrafish embryos
Julia M. T Auer,  Laura C Murphy,  Dong Xiao,  David U. Li,  Ann P Wheeler

In-depth polarisation resolved SHG microscopy in biological tissues using iterative wavefront optimisation
Dmitry Nuzhdin,  Emily G. Pendleton,  Eleanor B. Munger,  Luke J. Mortensen,  Sophie Brasselet

A perspective of fluorescence microscopy for cellular structural biology with EGFR as witness
M. L. Martin-Fernandez

Seeing clearly – Plant anatomy through Katherine Esau's microscopy lens
Anja Geitmann

intER-ACTINg: The structure and dynamics of ER and actin are interlinked
Charlotte Pain,  Frances Tolmie,  Stefan Wojcik,  Pengwei Wang,  Verena Kriechbaumer

Overcoming the challenges of preserving lipid-rich Cannabis sativa L. glandular trichomes for transmission electron microscopy
Samuel J. Livingston,  Eva Yi Chou,  Teagen D. Quilichini,  Jonathan E. Page,  A. Lacey Samuels

Microscopical palynology: Birch woodland expansion and species hybridisation coincide with periods of climate warming during the Holocene epoch in Iceland
Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson,  Lilja Karlsdóttir,  Ægir Thór Thórsson,  Margrét Hallsdóttir