19 Jun 2024

Special Issue of Journal of Microscopy: 'Women in Microscopy: Part 2'

Celebrating the contributions of women at the forefront of microscopy

The Journal of Microscopy is pleased to announce the publication of Part 2 of our Women in Microscopy special issue series. The issue features papers by women driving the development of microscopy, right across the world and a thought provoking editorial.

The much-anticipated issue has been edited by Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds, Ulla Neumann, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, and Sian Culley, King’s College London.

The issue (July 2024) features the following papers:

Editorial (free-to-view)

Introduction to women in microscopy: Volume 2

Michelle Peckham, Ulla Neumann, Siân Culley

Letter to the Editor

Diversity under the microscope: Lessons for building belonging in interdisciplinary spaces from the Women in Imaging + Industry bootcamp

Meagan Esbin, Lena Blackmon

Original Articles

Surface passivation and functionalisation for mass photometry (Open Access)

Jenny Sülzle, Laila Elfeky, Suliana Manley

Flexible implementation of modulated localisation microscopy based on DMD

Abigail Illand, Pierre Jouchet, Emmanuel Fort, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort

Mesoscale standing wave imaging (Open Access)

Shannan Foylan, Jana Katharina Schniete, Lisa Sophie Kölln, John Dempster, Carsten Gram Hansen, Michael Shaw, Trevor John Bushell, Gail McConnell

Work smart, not hard: How array tomography can help increase the ultrastructure data output (Open Access)

Irina Kolotuev

Invited Review

Made to measure: An introduction to quantifying microscopy data in the life sciences (Open Access)

Siân Culley, Alicia Cuber Caballero, Jemima J Burden, Virginie Uhlmann