16 Feb 2022

Volunteer to host an In2scienceUK summer placement

Help young people realise their potential in STEM - Apply today!

The In2scienceUK programme is seeking volunteers from different fields within STEM to help disadvantaged Year 12 students achieve their potential in Science, Technology Engineering and Maths.

Volunteers will host up to three students for a one or two-week, in-person placement during the summer of 2022, enabling the students to gain the skills and experience needed to help them progress to degrees, apprenticeships and careers in STEM.

The In2scienceUK team provides full support and training to its volunteers to enable them to develop and deliver engaging opportunities, in turn helping students of all abilities to build the knowledge and confidence to produce successful university and apprenticeship applications.

The scheme is seeking volunteers with an interest in outreach and a passion for addressing the inequalities that exist within the STEM sector. Whether you’re an academic, PhD student, technician or other STEM professional, sharing your experiences with underrepresented students could help them reach their full potential.

The 2022 In2scienceUK programme will deliver:

  • An in-person placement with a STEM professional such as you. During this one or two week placement you can give valuable insights into daily life working in STEM, boost your subject knowledge and provide valuable experience helping a young person forge their career journey.
  • Online workshops designed to provide young people with the soft skills they need to progress in university, apprenticeships and careers. These include careers panels, application advice, and talks from universities and employers.
  • Public engagement competitions to allow you and your students to spread your experiences and everything they’ve learned with the general public with the chance to win great prizes.

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