The EM-UK community meetings are designed to be an open forum for discussion of the latest developments and challenges in the field, suitable for both academic and commercial microscopists. The meeting will include Techno Bites, talks, discussions about training, an evening meal and plenty of networking opportunities.

For 2020 the EM-UK meeting is moving to the University of Plymouth. 

Registration has now closed.

Scientific Organisers

  • Pippa Hawes

    Professor Pippa Hawes, FRMS

    The Pirbright Institute
    Pippa is the Head of Bioimaging at The Pirbright Institute based in Surrey. Projects centre around investigating the interactions between animal pathogens and host cells. Bioimaging is dedicated to using and developing confocal and electron microscopy techniques to study viruses exotic to the UK that infect farm animals. Pippa has extensive experience in the field of electron microscopy and is an active member of the RMS EM section committee. She believes the RMS has an important role to play in the promotion and teaching of microscopy and is consequently a lecturer at the RMS EM School.

  • Paul Verkade

    Professor Paul Verkade

    University of Bristol
    Paul has been involved in electron microscopy since the start of his career and during that time he has developed a particular interest in the development and application of new imaging technologies, mainly in the field of Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM). He is very engaged in the imaging community such as BioimagingUK, being a founder of EM-UK with Pippa Hawes, and Work Group leader CLEM within the EU COST action COMULIS. He loves organising training events and as such has been involved in many (RMS and EMBO) courses. 

Attendee Information


Registration for this event will close on Monday 16th December

The registration costs are as follows: 

  • Registration for academic delegates is FREE
  • Commercial delegates = £300+ VAT

Please note, the cost online is inclusive of VAT


Accommodation is not included in your registration price. However, we have secured some rooms at the Jury’s Inn, 50 Exeter Street, Plymouth, PL4 0AZ.

We have managed to secure a discounted rate of £63 per single occupancy room and £73 per double occupancy room, per night, inclusive of breakfast and VAT.

To get this rate, you will need to use the group code: JIPLYM080120 at the following web link: 


Rail and coach services connect Plymouth to the regional airports of Exeter, Newquay and Bristol. There are also transport links to Plymouth from London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airport. Plymouth railway station is just a few minutes’ walk from the campus. The regular train service from London Paddington to Plymouth takes around three to four hours. Other direct services head to Plymouth from across the South West, South Wales, the Midlands, the North of England and Scotland.

For discounted rail travel please visit the GWR website here: . Please note that bookings cannot be made more than 12 weeks in advance.


For full travel information, including maps, please visit the Getting Here webpage. Plymouth Train Station is a 5 to 10 minute walk from the campus.

Please note that the University of Plymouth does not offer car parking facilities. The car parks closest to campus are Mayflower Street East, Drake Circus Mall and Regent Street. Details of which can be found by referring to the campus map or visiting the Plymouth Council webpage.

Please inform us in advance of any Blue Badge Holders to whom we will endeavour to offer parking for the day.


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