A joint meeting of EM-UK and the RMS.

This is a follow up meeting to the Virtual Electron Microscopy Facility Meeting to establish safe working practices in the COVID-19 era which took place on 14th May and 11th June.

Organisers: Clare Steele-King, Natasha Stephen, Paul Verkade 

This meeting will be an open forum and points for discussion will include:

  • Operating a core EM facility- an update on the current challenges
  • How to provide training in the COVID-19 era
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on Finances and Budget

This meeting will take place from 3pm-5pm BST, 10am-12pm ET

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event, please contact Katie Reynolds.

Meeting Sponsors

Agendo Science

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RMS Corporate Member

Hitachi High-Technologies

At Hitachi High-Technologies our primary goal is to provide customers with powerful, dependable and easy-to-use microscope solutions for the advancement of science & engineering. Our technologically advanced solutions in SEM, TEM and FIB are developed through a long-term commitment to research and development, drawing upon the resources of the whole Hitachi group.

By employing recognised pioneers and developing long term partnerships with world-renowned authorities in electron microscopy, we are able to provide unique technologies which push the boundaries of science. Our Tabletop Microscope is making electron microscope capabilities accessible to all, whilst key technologies such as cold field emission and Cs-correction are making ultra-low voltage imaging in SEM and atomically resolved imaging and analysis in TEM/STEM a practical reality.

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JEOL is proud to be celebrating over 60 years of high end instrument sales and support worldwide.

JEOL UK offer sales, support and applications training from our office in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Our instrumentation includes scanning electron microscopes (SEM), scanning probe microscopes, & transmission electron microscopes (TEM). As one of the world’s leading suppliers of scientific equipment, we are proud to offer our customers the highest level of sales and technical support maximising their investment in JEOL products.

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Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis

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Carl Zeiss is an innovative technology leader in the fields of optics, precision engineering and electronic visualisation. Time and time again, we set new, pioneering standards in sophisticated technology for recognising, experiencing, measuring, analysing, structuring and processing a wide spectrum of objects. With professional optics we meet the expectations of even our most critical customers - not only in the fields of research, medicine, industry, but also for use in leisure activities.

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