Virtual Super-Resolution Workshop 2021

9 July 2021 12.30pm – 5pm
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Scientific Organisers: Professor Michelle Peckham and Dr Hari Shroff

Designed to talk about the current challenges in developing and using super-resolution microscopy with short talks and lots of time for discussion, this year the workshop will be split into 2 sessions, focussing on the topics of ‘using machine learning and AI in super-resolution imaging’ and the other will be ‘expansion microscopy’.  Thoughts and ideas are encouraged to help define what is good/best practice around these challenges, and give an insight into future potential developments.

Invited Speakers will include:

Machine learning

  • Dylan Owen (University of Birmingham)
  • Susan Cox (King’s College London)
  • Aubrey Weigel (Janelia Research Campus)
  • Florian Jug (MPI Dresden)
  • Dong Li (Chinese Academy of Science)

Expansion Microscopy

  • Silvio Rizzoli (University of Gottingen)
  • Joshua Vaughan (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Izzy Jayasinghe (University of Sheffield) 
  • Helge Ewers (Free University Berlin)

Taking place as part of the mmc2021 Congress, the cost to attend this workshop is £20.

In order to book on this workshop, you will need to select an mmc conference or exhibition only ticket during the booking process. You will then see the option to book the Virtual Super-Resolution Workshop

More information about the workshops at mmc2021 can be found on the mmc website

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