RMS Statement on Coronavirus - updated 23 July 2021

Now seems like a good time to update you on what the Society has been doing and how we are planning for the months ahead.

Many of you will have attended either or both of the large meetings that we held in June and July, elmi2021 and mmc2021 incorporating EMAG. We are immensely proud of how these larger scale virtual conferences went and would like to thank all those who gave their time to organise aspects of these events, the companies that supported them and also those that attended. 

It was the fifth time the RMS had hosted an elmi meeting and we were delighted to be able to help this dynamic community continue with their event despite the pandemic. With over 600 people registered to attend and 100 company workshops taking place it was a very busy few days!

mmc2021 also went virtual for the first time. It was strange for us not to be in Manchester and not to see all of those familiar faces but we were so happy that over 1300 people from both academia and industry continued to support the event. Every mmc is the culmination of 2 years work and switching to virtual 6 months before it was due to take place presented many challenges but we are very proud of what was achieved and hugely thankful to all involved, particularly the companies that continued to support us. We wanted to maintain as many aspects of an in person mmc as possible and hope you enjoyed the end result.

I was particularly impressed (and proud) of all members of RMS staff who helped run sessions and workshops virtually at both mmc2021 and elmi - many of whom were out of their comfort zones, and normally involved in publications, finance etc, and not working in events, let alone running a zoom session!

The Society continues to assess its plans to ensure the health and safety of our members, delegates, speakers, exhibitors and members of staff.  Despite the lifting of restriction within England, the Society staff will continue to work from home and this will be assessed in the autumn once we are able to judge the effect of the lockdown restrictions easing. We have been successfully maintaining the activities of the Society across the board now for 16 months and will continue to only work in the office if it is absolutely necessary and on a voluntary basis. 

We will continue to run our programme of events virtually until the end of 2021. We are still hopeful that the 2021 AGM will be able to be an in-person event but we will make that decision nearer the time. We are running a number of meetings, conferences and workshops in the autumn as well as continuing the popular Imaging ONEWORLD series of lectures and the start of the International Microscopy Focus Lecture Series in October.

If there are any events you would like information on, please email [email protected] or visit our event calendar.

The Microscopy Activity Scheme will have a scaled down return and 35 kits are planned to be sent out for September. The scheme was thoroughly risked assessed and the participating schools have been wonderfully patient and receptive to the new guidance issued.

The Society will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and act as we feel is appropriate regarding precautions and safety. We will continue to provide updates as and when the situation changes.

If you have any questions at all , please contact [email protected].

Best wishes 

Allison Winton
RMS Chief Executive

For further information and Government advice, please visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


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