Virtual FIB and Prep Workshop

2 December 2020


RMS Hosted Event

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The UK FIB&Prep User Group is organized to provide an open forum for FIB users and all users of specimen preparation equipment for microscopes.

The UK FIB&Prep User Group is organized to provide an open forum for FIB users and all users of specimen preparation equipment for microscopes to share technique advances, discuss best practices, present experimental and theoretical findings/discoveries, exchange tips for preparation of difficult materials, 2D and 3D analysis of challenging data sets and learn about new developments in both instrumentation and techniques, as well meet new colleagues and old friends. 

 This meeting has been held annually in Manchester since 2013. It will be held online this year due to the COVID-19 situation. FIB&Prep has been proven to be a popular meeting with large number of attendees. With increasingly fast development of FIB systems and sample preparation equipment in line with an increasing number of such equipment available worldwide, we believe many of our talks on the cutting edge of current technology development and its wide range of applications from  experts and researchers will bring you fresh insights. 

Registration for this event is free.

Scientific Organiser

  • Ms Xiangli Zhong

    University of Manchester
    Xiangli is a Senior Experimental Officer in the School of Materials, University of Manchester. Xiangli obtained her BEng in Metrology Instrumentation and MEng in Materials Science and Engineering. She has registered her PhD since 2006 in National University of Singapore. Before joining University of Manchester, Xiangli worked in EM labs of National University of Singapore, Schimadzu, Westen Digital and ImageTransform. Her current research interest is on focused ion beam (FIB) damage studies and FIB technical development based on her broad experience in EM/IM on various types of materials

  • Scott Doak

    Loughborough University 
    Scott has been working in electron microscopy and scientific instrumentation for over 30 years and with focused ion beams since 1996.  Initially working for FEI (now Thermo), Scott has been Director of the Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre since 2009.  He leads a team of specialists within the core facility who support research and teaching as well as providing industrial consultancy and access for other research institutions.  His research interests include FIB technique development, in-situ characterisation, and electron energy filtration within the SEM.


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