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ToScA: Tomography for Scientific Advancement

2nd annual Tomography for scientific advancement symposium (ToScA).

Starts on01/09/2014
Ends on03/09/2014
LocationThe Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD


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This meeting will address hard and soft tissue imaging, recent advances in hardware and software, and a broad range of applications in natural sciences. This international meeting will consist of keynote speakers, student poster presentations and an image competition. The meeting will provide opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry as well as a platform to engage in collaborations. The meeting includes an optional drinks reception and a symposium dinner, hosted in the world renowned Central Hall in the Natural History Museum on the 2nd September.

Further information on this meeting will be available soon, to be added to a mailing list please email


Fees are as follows:

Late registration (after 31st July)£165, Wine reception & Central Hall dinner: £70;

Additional dinner guests: £75 each


Details of the Image competition, Student poster competition and Student travel grants are available at the ToScA website.

Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Phil Withers (University of Manchester)

Prof. Sacha Mooney (University of Nottingham)

Prof. Marco Stampanoni (Swiss Light Source)

Dr Ajay Limaye (Vizlab, Australian National University)

Dr Michael Drakopoulos (Diamond Light Source)

Dr Graham Davis (Queen Mary University of London)

Dr Philipp Schneider (University of Southampton)

Prof. Tim Senden (Australian National University)

Dr Mark Sutton (Imperial College)

Dr Christina Duffy (British Library)

Dr Manuel Dierick (UGCT, University of Ghent)

Dr Richard Johnston (University of Swansea)

Prof Sarah Hainsworth (University of Leicester)

Mr Fabien Arnaud (FEI)

Dr Rajmund Mokso (Paul Scherrer Institut, SLS)

Dr Manuchehr Soleimani (University of Bath)

Dr Zerina Johanson (Natural History Museum)

Dr Brian Metscher (University of Vienna)

Erica Seccombe (Australian National University)

Dr Jim Swoger (Centre for Genomic Regulation)

Dr Andrew Ramsey (Nikon Metrology)

Patricia Wills (MNHN)

Frederik Coppens (Bruker)


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Information on the 2013 Meeting

See below details on the invited speakers and sponsors of the last ToScA Meeting.

Invited Speakers

Dr Ajay Limaye (Vizlab, Australian National University)
Prof Phil Withers (University of Manchester)
Prof Stuart Stock (Northwestern University)
Prof Tim Senden (Australian National University)
Dr Graham Davis (Queen Mary University of London)
Dr Brian Metscher (University of Vienna)
Dr Caroline Smith (Natural History Museum)
Dr Daniel Antoine (British Museum)
David Hughes (TII, Sweden)
Dr Gordon Paterson (Natural History Museum)
Dr Lore Troalen (National Museums Scotland)
Dr Matt Friedman (University of Oxford)
Dr Mike Doube (Royal Veterinary College)
Dr Richie Abel (Imperial College)
Dr Russell Garwood (Univ of Manchester & Research Complex at Harwell)
Prof Tiina Roose (University of Southampton)
Dr Craig Sturrock (University of Nottingham)
Dr Nicholas Brereton (Imperial College)
Dr Inti Pedroso (King’s College London)
JP Brown (The Field Museum, Chicago)
John Spratt (Natural History Museum)

Confirmed Listing of Symposia Sessions

Minerals and Geological Applications
Hard Tissues ‘Ancient and Modern’
Soft Tissues and Staining Protocols
Recent Advancements in Hardware and Design I and II
Conservation, Cultural Heritage and Outreach
Software and Data Handling
Plant and Soil Science Applications

Further information

The event was held in the Flett Theatre

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This meeting is organised by The Natural History Museum. The web hosting and registration are supplied by the Royal Microscopical Society.