BioImagingUK Business Interaction Vouchers Scheme

Status: CLOSED

Deadline: 4pm (GMT), 27th September 2019

Imaging of biological samples, or bioimaging, underpins bioscience research from plant and animal phenomics to drug delivery. Bioimaging operates at all scales from high-voltage cryo-electron microscopes as used in structural biology, to enormously powerful super-resolution microscopes, through to whole plant or animal imaging.

To encourage industry uptake of bioimaging technologies, BioimagingUK is running a competition to award Business Interaction Vouchers. Funded by BBSRC, these awards will be used to encourage and support collaboration between academic partners and industrial partners within the BBSRC bioimaging framework. The collaboration can be any defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner. These vouchers are intended to help resource small confidence-building measures that are likely to lead to:

  • a longer-term relationship between academic and industrial partner
  • improved interactions between academic and industrial partner
  • new funding ventures between academic and industrial partner
  • new research technology transfer projects
  • development of bioimaging instruments or image analysis approaches of benefit to both academic and industrial teams

Business Interaction vouchers are available for up to £10,000 (inclusive of VAT) and must be matched by industrial funding (in cash or kind) of at least equivalent value. Funds can be provided to academic partners only and industrial contributions (in cash or in kind) must be at least of equivalent value.

This funding is provided to help resource and build relationships between an academic partner and an industrial partner only. Projects must not exceed 6 months in duration.

If you would like more information please contact either the Network Officer (Georgina Fletcher; [email protected]) or the Network Director (Prof Maddy Parsons; [email protected]).


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