8 Dec 2022
by Flavia Moreira-Leite

infocus #68 December 2022 Outreaching with the TEM

Thin-section transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of cells and tissues is not the technique that comes to mind when electron microscopy (EM) enthusiasts itch for outreach. Conventional scanning EM is far easier to love, and easier to do, but does that mean looking at cells down the TEM cannot inspire the public?


In this article, I describe my experience of trying to make the ultrastructural world reach out of the lab, by running a live TEM webinar targeting secondary school students. Jumping on the bandwagon of virtual interactivity with TEM had its challenges. However, it allowed us to showcase this amazing microscope to a wider audience than we had done before in a single session, taking the intracellular world directly into classrooms and family homes.