Quantifying plastic deformation in metallic microstructures using EBSD and High Resolution Digital Image Correlation

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    Professor João Quinta da Fonseca

    University of Manchester
    Professor João Fonseca did his PhD on the mechanical behaviour of high volume fraction MMCs at the University of Leeds, before moving to the University of Manchester, where he worked on developing algorithms for digital image correlation and on using crystal plasticity modelling to simulate in-situ diffraction deformation experiments. He is now Professor of Mechanical Metallurgy, with special interest on the forming of light-weighting alloys and also does research on nuclear materials like Zr alloys and stainless steel, and on Ni superalloys for aeroengine applications. This research ranges over topics such as (micro-)experimental mechanics, computational crystal plasticity, crystallographic texture, recrystallisation and phase transformations.

Characterising deformation in tungsten carbide micropillars using EBSD

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    Dr Vivian Tong

    National Physical Laboratory
    Vivian Tong is a Higher Research Scientist in the Materials Characterisation group at NPL. She develops EBSD data analysis methods to characterise microstructure and micro-scale deformation mechanisms, and to link EBSD to other types of microscopy data. She completed her PhD at Imperial College London in 2016, on using EBSD to understand heterogeneous deformation and recrystallisation in zirconium alloys.

HR-EBSD constraints on the role of dislocations and their stress fields in transient creep of Earth’s upper mantle

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    Dr David Wallis

    University of Cambridge
    I am a structural geologist focusing on the materials science of rock deformation. I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2010 and undertook a postdoc at the University of Oxford. I was an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University until 2020 and am currently a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. My research is centred on using HR-EBSD to map dislocations and their stress fields in deformed minerals and decipher their role in controlling the rheological properties of rocks at high temperatures.