This year the annual Flow Cytometry Facilities meeting is going virtual! As in previous years, the meeting is aimed at all those that run or work in a Flow Facility and seeks to address common subject matters, themes, and circumstances within the community.  We will also focus on new and emerging technologies as well as operational aspects of running, and working in, a core.  We will include presentations from current core facilities (Crib talks) and also from our industry colleagues (Technobites).  The meeting will be run over two afternoon sessions (14:00-18:00 GMT) to allow our American colleagues to join us. As the UK meeting has gone global, we will still be holding a UK centric session (all welcome) between 11:00-13:00 GMT on Friday 8 January, where national funders, local initiatives and other wider information will be presented and discussed.  Although in a virtual format, there will be ample time in the programme for discussion and questions from the community.  The meeting will be ‘live’ and will not be recorded, it will be unavailable online afterwards.

The virtual meeting will take place at 14:00-18:00 GMT, 09:00-13:00 ET; 15:00-19:00 CET on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 January and on Friday 8 January at 11:00-13:00 GMT.

Scientific Organisers

  • Alexis Conway - Cropped.jpg

    Dr Alexis Conway

    Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Alexis is a Flow Cytometry Specialist and Graduate Coordinator at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and Adjunct Professor at University at Buffalo and SUNY Buffalo State College. She was awarded the prestigious accolade of Shared Resource Laboratory “Emerging Leader” (SRL-EL) by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) in 2020. Her main interest is developing scientific educational programs for scientist and the lay public with particular focus on youth. She hopes this will transcend traditional scientific educational boundaries by informing SRL’s how to successfully plan public outreach events.  She is currently developing a “blue-print” curriculum for a comprehensive graduate-level training course.  Her scientific research interests and areas of specialty include spectral flow cytometry particularly in clinical/translational setting such as high-dimensional immunophenotyping and minimal residual disease testing; the role of circulating hematopoietic progenitor cells in acute inflammation and cardiovascular disease; and understanding the immune regulatory role of exosomes derived from tumors.

  • Derek Davies

    Mr Derek Davies

    Flow Cytometry Section Vice Chair

    The Francis Crick Institute
    Derek is the National Science Technology Platform (STP) Training Lead at the Francis Crick Institute in London where his role is to develop Educational and Training courses to support Biomedical Research in the UK and beyond. He co-organises the section’s annual flow cytometry course at the University of York and is active in promotion of cytometry via focussed meetings and other courses. He is one of the principal organisers of the flowcytometryUK biennial meeting and also the Advances in Cytometry Meeting. Derek is particularly keen to promote cytometry education within the UK and beyond.

  • karen-hogg.jpg

    Dr Karen Hogg

    Flow Cytometry Section Chair

    University of York
    Karen is currently a Senior Experimental Officer at the University of York, Bioscience Technology Facility.  Karen underpins the scientific service within the Imaging and Cytometry Laboratory and takes a lead role in the research, operation and method development of cell sorting and analysis.  As such, Karen’s expertise is utilized for a wide range of diverse applications both within and external to the Department of Biology.  Karen is also a co-organizer and tutor on multiple flow cytometry courses throughout the UK.  She got her BSc, Joint Honours in Biology and Biochemistry at Keele University, U.K. 1991-1995; then obtained her MSc in Applied Parasitology & Medical Entomology from the University of Liverpool, U.K. 1995-1996; then proceeded to obtain her Phd. from the School of Biology, University of Leeds, U.K. 1996-1999

  • Rachael Sheridan - Cropped.png

    Dr Rachael Sheridan

    Van Andel Institute
    Rachael heads the flow cytometry core at the Van Andel Isntitute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is on the board of directors for the Great Lakes International Imaging and Flow Cyometry Association (GLIIFCA) where she served as the GLIIFCA president in 2019 and was elected as an ISAC SRL Emerging Leader (2020-2023). Rachael enjoys teaching the basics of flow cytometry to novice users and developing novel assays to address biological questions by flow cytometry. She is currently interested in finding ways to incorporate multiple metabolic readouts into multi-omic studies at the flow cytometry stage.

  • Peter O'Toole

    Dr Peter O'Toole

    RMS Vice President

    University of York
    Peter heads the Imaging and Cytometry Labs within the Technology Facility at the University of York which includes an array of confocal microscopes, flow cytometers and electron microscopes. Peter gained his PhD in the Cell Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Essex and has been involved in many aspects of fluorescence imaging. Research is currently focused on both technology and method development of novel probes and imaging modalities. 

    Peter has ongoing collaborations with many leading microscopy and cytometry companies and his group also provides research support to many academics and commercial organisations. Peter is also heavily involved with teaching microscopy and flow cytometry which includes organising and teaching on both the RMS Light Microscopy Summer School and the RMS Practical Flow Cytometry courses.