Corporate Member Hosted Event
14 May 2024, 3-4pm BST

Discover the power of AI with Nikon's Eclipse Ji, a user-friendly benchtop microscope designed for automated acquisition & analysis. Join this webinar to learn how the new Eclipse Ji system streamlines your imaging and analysis workflow, allowing you to execute high-content assays effortlessly with just a few clicks. Packed with ready-to-use assays, it offers rapid acquisition and analysis without the need for lengthy setup, drastically cutting down microscopy time.


Dr Subash Chinnaraj

Dr Subash Chinnaraj

European Product Manager, Nikon

I am a product manager for microscopy automation at Nikon Europe B.V., utilizing my 5 years of expertise in microscopy. My experience spans various aspects of microscopy, from automation to super-resolution imaging and I hold a PhD from Newcastle University.


A Nikon webinar, hosted by the Royal Microscopical Society 

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