Study and Read with the RMS

The Royal Microscopical Society produce a range of Publications, for those working and studying microscopy as well as those with a general interest in the field:

The Journal of Microscopy is the scientific Journal of the RMS. Comprising original articles, invited reviews and hot topic papers, each issue demonstrates the most recent developments and advances in all branches of microscopy.

infocus is our membership magazine which is free to all RMS members 

The RMS Handbooks are essential guides and introductions to all microscopy disciplines and techniques. 

The RMS News Archive gives you access to news both old and new, including the activities of the Society, notable achievements and events to look out for.

In addition to publications, the RMS offers a Diploma qualification to help you advance to the next stage of your career.
For Flow Cytometrists, we offer a Distance Learning Course, enabling you to gain essential skills without having to leave the lab.

For those just starting out in microscopy, four Summer Studentships are offered each year to undergraduates wishing to complete a project with a large microscopy component in their summer holidays, meaning invaluable experience can be added to their CV before they've even left university!


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