The AFM&SPM 2024 meeting will take place at Durham University, Monday 25 - Thursday 28 March 2024.

AFM&SPM is an international conference on scanning probe microscopies, organised annual in conjunction with the Royal Microscopy Society. We are excited to present the 2024 programme which will include:

  • 25 March – Graduate school
    A graduate school on AFM, FluidFM and SICM with theory, hands on sessions. The school will also include a lecture on statistics for SPM data analysis and a discussion on career development.
  • 26 March – Conference: AFM&SPM in Life and Biological Sciences
    Invited, Expert and contributed talks and posters on the broad theme of life sciences, from molecular biosciences to viruses and cellular processes and tissue.
  • 27 March – Conference: AFM&SPM in Materials Sciences and Energy
    Invited, Expert and contributed talks and posters on recent developments in materials and engineering, including energy-related applications.
  • 28 March – Conference: Developments in AFM&SPM hardware and software
    Invited, Expert and contributed talks and posters on technique developments including hardware, software and simulations and data analysis.

Please check our list of internationally renown scientists and experts who will be joining the conference.


Who should attend?

Graduate students, early career scientists as well as experts in the field of SPM are welcome to join us to present their work, engage in constructive discussions and network with the peers. The conference aims to be an international event.

Please see the information tab for location and pratical details.



Scientific Organisers

Kislon Voitchovsky

Kislon Voitchovsky

University of Durham

Mingdong Dong

Mingdong Dong

Aarhus University, Denmark

RMS Organisers

Jess Cole

Jess Cole

Event Organiser

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