Awards & Competitions

The RMS Medal Series celebrates outstanding scientific achievements across all areas of microscopy and flow cytometry with each RMS Science Section able to select the winner for their own Medal. As well as achievements in specific fields, the Medal Series also recognises the unsung heroes of microscopy, individuals who have made a valuable contribution either to the development of a new technique or the application of existing method and those who have volunteered their time and energy to the Society.

The Pearse Prize, established in 1982 to honour the work of Professor AGE Pearse, is a prestigious award recognising significant contributions to histochemisty and life sciences either through the development of a new technique or through the application of existing methods.

The RMS International Scientific Imaging Competition highlights micrographs that best display how easily microscopy can mix with art with both beautiful and technically challenging images. Our Scientific Imaging Competition takes place every two years, the most recent in 2019.

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