Thursday 10 December 2020 

12:00 Welcome from Ioanna Mela and Laia Pasquina Lemonche
Session One: Bio-AFM Spectroscopy
12:05 Plenary Speaker
"A personal bag of tricks for AFM cell mechanics data analysis" - Nuria Gavara, Medical School - University of Barcelona
12:35 "Towards the quantitative mapping of the mechanical properties of polymeric materials by Dynamic AFM: beyond the observables!" - Philippe Leclere, University of Mons
12:50 Park Systems Techno Bite "Generating strong AFM images for successful data analysis – Park Systems’ unique AFM solutions"
12:56 Coffee Break
13:01 "A simple and fast drift correction method for high-throughput microscopy" - Arin Marchesi, Aix-Marseille University
13:16 "PyJibe: Free and open-source AFM force-distance analysis for biological samples" - Paul Muller, Max Planck Institute

Discussion: Force Spectroscopy
Chair: Jamie Hobbs
Panel: Marina Gianonotti, Nuria Gavara and Jean Luc Pellequer

14:01 Coffee Break
Session Two: AFM Imaging
14:11 Plenary Speaker
"Acquiring single molecule kinetics from high-speed AFM data" - George Heath, University of Leeds
14:41 "Automated analysis of AFM images facilitates the quantification of amyloid fibril polymorphism" - Chyi Wei Chung, University of Cambridge
14:56 Bruker Techno Bite - "AFM Data Processing made easy:  The latest Bruker BioAFM developments"
15:02 Coffee Break
15:07 "BioAFMviewer: An interactive interface for simulated AFM scanning of biomolecular structures and dynamics" - Romain Amyot, Hiroshima University/Aix-Marseille University
15:22 "How can we make AFM data analysis more open and reproducible?" - Robert Turner, University of Sheffield

Discussion: Imaging
Chair: Kislon Voitchovsky
Panel: George Heath, Alice Pyne, Robert Turner

16:07 Closing Remarks from Alice Pyne