All Things Cryo - a Virtual Course


Speakers will include

  • Dr Chris Parmenter

    University of Nottingham
    Christopher is a Research Officer in Cryogenic Electron Microscopy. His PhD is in polymer chemistry through which he developed skills in Cryo-TEM whilst investigating soft and biological systems. He recently moved into SEM, specifically Cryo-SEM and FIB-SEM of any samples where there is a nano-scale problem to solve or understand. He is keen to meet with other microscopists to further his knowledge of EM & other techniques.
    Chris is currently the Editor of Microscopy & Analysis.

  • Gareth Jackson

    Leica Microsystems
    Gareth started his career in a clinical EM department in the early nineties. Since then he has worked for Olympus Microscopes and Leica Microsystems. Gareth is an active member of the EM committee and has been involved in many RMS courses over the years including the EM Summer School, Rothamsted Research Cryo Course and the Cell Imaging Techniques course at Oxford Brookes University.

  • Kim Findlay

    John Innes Centre
    Kim is head of Bioimaging at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. Her degree was in Biology and Physics at King’s College, London. With over 34 years' experience in light and electron microscopy and more than 90 publications involving the use of TEM, SEM or confocal microscopy, in 2015 she was awarded the RMS Vice Presidents Medal for microscopy research and laboratory support. Her early focus on the plant cytoskeleton developed into a wider interest in plant and microbial sciences. She has made particularly important and long-standing contributions to Streptomyces research.  Kim teaches cryo-SEM at the RMS EM school and taught on the RMS cryo-EM course in the past. She is regularly involved in Outreach activities, running tours and demonstrations for the public and young students.  Kim won an award from the University of East Anglia, where she is an honorary lecturer, for her outstanding contribution to public and community engagement.

  • Michael Schwertner

    Linkam Scientific Instruments
    Michael has a background in physics and optics and a particular interest in microscopy, instrument design and image processing. He holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, Dept. of Engineering Science, where he worked on confocal microscopy, adaptive optics and wavefront sensing. 

    At Linkam he has been involved with Cryo-correlative fluorescence / EM imaging (CLEM), cryo workflows and the design of some aspects of the related instruments. He has contributed to cryo-related workshops and courses in the past - including EMBO and Rothamsted Research Cryo Course.

  • Dr Nicole Hondow

    University of Leeds
    Nicole is a University Academic Fellow in the area of Materials Characterisation at the University of Leeds. Prior to this she completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Chemistry at The University of Western Australia, and undertook postdoctoral research University of Leeds in the electron microscopy of materials relevant to catalysis and toxicology. Nicole’s current research uses analytical electron microscopy in the examination and quantification of nanomaterials in complex matrices.

  • Professor Paul Verkade

    University of Bristol
    Paul has been involved in electron microscopy since the start of his career and during that time he has developed a particular interest in the development and application of new imaging technologies, mainly in the field of Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM). He is very engaged in the imaging community such as BioimagingUK, being a founder of EM-UK with Pippa Hawes, and Work Group leader CLEM within the EU COST action COMULIS. He loves organising training events and as such has been involved in many (RMS and EMBO) courses.