Super-resolution Workshop Programme 2023

08:45    Registration and Welcome

Session 1 

09:00    All-optical Super-resolution Imaging of Molecules in Their Nanoscale Cellular Context - Joerg Bewersdorf
09:30    Characterization of EML4-ALK phase-separated compartments using optical microscopy techniques - Josephina Sampson
09:45    Nanoscale subcellular compartment insights using expansion microscopy and NHS esters - Tom Sheard
10:00    The power of SIM as a tool for biological discovery - Lothar Schermelleh
10:30    Discussion
10:40    Tea/Coffee break

Session 2

11:00    Perils and Pitfalls in Image Restoration - Hari Shroff
11:30    Multicolor time modulated localization microscopy for in depth imaging - Sandrine Leveque-Fort 
12:00    Discussion
12:10    Techno Bite - Abbelight - Entering to the nanoworld - Making the most of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy - Mehdi Madi
12:15    Techno Byte - Carl Zeiss Ltd - ZEISS Elyra 7 with SIM2 Empowering Live Cell Super Resolution Imaging - Jonathan Shewring
12:20    Techno Byte - Nikon - Reveal new confocal imaging potential with NSPARC; a new super-resolutuion detector for the AX confocal - Kat Lewis

12:25    Lunch

Session 3 

13:10    How to extract dynamic features from fixed cells SMLM images - Juliette Griffié
13:40    Pattern Extraction from Relative Positions of Localisations: 3D and 2-colour PERPL - Alistair Curd
13:55    Single-molecule localisation microscopy: a potential clinical diagnostic tool for breast cancer patients - Lauren Toms
14:10    Discussion
14:20    Techno Byte - Teledyne Photometrics - Super Resolution with the newest cameras from Teledyne Photometrics - Matt Kose-Dunn
14:25    Techno Byte - ONI - Every molecule counts - Franky Djutanta
14:30    Techno Byte - Photon Lines - Recent Developments in Super-Resolution Microscopy - Martyn Reynolds
14:35    Tea/Coffee break

Session 4 

14:55    Advanced optical microscopy studies of molecular membrane dynamics - Christian Eggeling
15:25    Topographical cell membrane imaging using large depth-of-field localisation microscopy - Aleks Ponjavic
15:40    NV for the masses – how can we use diamond in more microscopes? - Rebecca Craig     
16:10    Label-free super-resolution through illumination diversity and neural network reconstruction - James Lillis
16:25    Wrap up and final discussion 

16:30    Workshop closes 


A PDF copy of the programme is available via email on request. Paper copies of the programme will not be available on the day of the workshop.