As part of the Imaging ONEWORLD series, the focus of these lectures is on microscopy and image analysis methods and how to apply these to your research. Almost all aspects of imaging such as sample preparation, labelling strategies, experimental workflows, ‘how-to’ image and analyse, as well as facilitating collaborations and inspiring new scientific ideas will be covered. Speakers will be available for questions and answers. The organisers, core facility staff from the University of Cambridge, Gurdon Institute, MRC-LMB and the ICR/Royal Marsden Trust are also able to continue the discussion and provide advice on your imaging projects.

Scientific Organisers

Choosing the best imaging modality for your experiment

Images acquired with an optical microscope are not an accurate representation of the specimen. For quantitative applications in particular, research scientists must identify and correct for errors that may affect data interpretation. This educational talk is an overview of this concept, and includes examples of the most common errors present in imaging data, the affect they may have on measurements, and how to address them.